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Monday, 03 December 2007

"He traverses the wide range of classical music for the guitar - from the sixteenth century through the twentieth - with stylistic assurance" "In the chaconne...he builds the works mounting complexity gradually but forcefully up to the famous but always stunning change from minor to major, achieving at that spot a serene amplitude reminiscent of pipe organ music, not an instrument of six strings."
Chamber Music Magazine Editor, Clair W. Van Ausdall

"Crisp, brilliant upper-register work, sumo-weight bass tones, masterful long line logic...dramatic sense of structure...remarkable dynamic control."
Guitar Player , March 1994, pg. 138

"Excellent...gorgeous tone...absolutely delicious ...the performances entertain ...sensually elegant...stunning."
SOUNDBOARD, Winter 1995, pg. 89

"Flexible and deeply musical phrasing...wonderful...on the highest level...filled with inspiration."
Seymour Bernstein, Pianist/Author/Teacher

"An accomplished guitarist with outstanding musicianship"
Manuel Barrueco, EMI Recording Artist

“A Musician of exceptional talent and dedication.”
 Nicholas Goluses
 Professor of Guitar - Eastman School of Music

 “The most enthusiastic expressions of pleasure and delight...a real treat.”
Five Towns Concert Series

 “A marvellous program...a most appreciative and complementary audience.”
New York Public Library Concert Series

 “Memorable performances included guitarist Anton Machleder’s virtuostic  performance of Aurelio de la Vega’s Bifloreo."
The Society of Composers, Inc

“Anton Machleder’s new CD Guitarra de Cristal, devoted to contemporary Cuban composers, is a surprise and a delight! Thoughtful programming includes a number of world premieres, including the great Cuban-American master Aurelio de la Vega.”
Martin Perlich

“we have a rather modern but eminently approachable set from Ecuadorian-born Machleder … Playing is rock-solid and the recording is clear and natural”
Chris Dumigan – Classical Guitar, UK

“As a guitarist, Machleder is a product of an important pedagogical tradition founded by N. American Aaron Shearer, a school that produced musicians of the calibre of Manuel Barrueco, Ricardo Cobo, David Tannenbaum, and David Starobin. Macheleder’s clean and secure technique fulfills the expectations we have from a member of such a tradition. In some of the most inspired moments in this recording, Machleder’s technique is put to good advantage in the service of the music, resulting in moments of controlled refinement and careful attention to detail.”
 Alejandro L. Madrid 
 Latin American Music Review - Volume 27, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2006

“The highlight was Machleder himself, as he switched to an electric Fender Stratocaster for a straightforward and bluesy Eric Clapton-esque guitar solo”
Campus Times – University of Rochester

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