I am currently directing the guitar program at Houghton College’s Greatbatch School of Music in western New York; teaching theory, guitar literature and pedagogy courses, guitar class, improvisation, and applied studio instruction.

Interdisciplinary and Multi-Media presentations are an important part of my current teaching and performing activities.I encourage and support students’ efforts to develop their creativity by trying to set an example in performance and scholarship.


Statement of Creative Research, Teaching Interests, and Program Development:

It has been my goal as an artist, educator, and researcher to discover and expose the art in science, as well as the science in art. This endeavor to create an understanding and commonality between two vast and distinct disciplines has opened up a world of possibilities in scholarship, teaching and experimentation.

In the realm of digital sound reproduction, I have gained practical experience in the industry as engineer and producer of many recordings which are commercially available. This experience, giving me direct knowledge and training on the latest technologies in the music industry, has opened up a whole world of possibilities in teaching and scholarship. From experiments in microphone technology; understanding polar patterns, frequency responses, and the various geometries of stereo recording, to the latest in digital editing and sound processing software. I have been able to  transfer this knowledge to my students in various course offerings that give not only practical training in the music industry, but open a door to the vast and rich world of acoustics.

As a musician and guitarist, I have explored the relationship of physiology and anatomy to understanding instrumental technique and the prevention of injuries. As the demands on musicians and artists get more diverse and complex, the need for interdisciplinary knowledge and skills becomes ever greater. Having a father who is one of the world’s experts on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (compressed or pinched nerve),  a common occurrence in musicians, I have had access to the most recent discoveries, treatments, and preventions for this very disabling disorder. As a soloist and collaborative performer, I have worked with many musicians, composers, dancers/choreographers, conductors, opera coaches, visual artists, and engineers to create and invent new directions in craft and expression.

Anton Machleder, DMA
Director of Guitar, Houghton College, NY


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