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From Anton Machleder Classical Guitar

Barrios was born in the countryside of Paraguay in the little village of San Juan Bautista de las Missiones. His musical talents were recognized during his primary education at the local Jesuit school and he was given a scholarship to attend the Colegio Nacional in Asuncion. His concert career began in 1910 performing in cities throughout South and eventually Central America. During this time he began absorbing the music from these countries and started to compose what was to become the largest collection of original works for guitar based on popular and traditional folk music. The music training he received introduced him to the repertoire of the great masters, Mach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. and from this influence he made transcriptions of their works as well as composed original works based on this source.

To gain more attention to his concerts, Barrios billed himself in 1932 as "Nitsuga Mangore the Paganini of the Guitar from the Jungles of Paraguay". The billboard showed a picture of him in a Guarani Indian costume. The name "Nitsuga" (Agustin spelled backwards) and "Mangore" (a legendary Guarani chieftain who resisted the Spanish Conquest) was used for several years. He visited Europe from 1934-1936 and performed in Belgium, Germany, Spain, and England. Eventually he dropped the pseudonym and used only Mangore at the end of his name. Richard Stover's, "the guitar works of Agustin Barrios Mangore" (Belwin/Columbia Pub.) and this production of the Barrios Historical Recordings with El Maestro Records show pictures of this time.

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